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A Success Story!! Children’s Hearing Aid Program Open’s Up World for Little Girl..

Abby Anderson and the Disney Princess

Abby Anderson, aged six, used to throw her hearing aids onto the floor out of frustration because she needed new ear molds so that they could fit and work properly.   Her mother Michelle, a pediatric nurse, understood her child’s frustration because she is hearing impaired, as well.  Even with all of her knowledge and connections, Michelle couldn’t find an appropriate provider for her daughter because, while Medicaid covered the initial cost of the aids, no Medicaid dispenser is   available locally to provide the necessary upgrades and continuous follow along required for children with significant hearing loss. Michelle was told that she might have to go as far away as Cooperstown to get new hearing aids for her child.

Fortunately, Michelle heard about AURORA’s new Children’s Hearing Aid Program (CHAP). The program was launched with funds from a private donor and a grant through the Gifford Foundation.   It is delivered through a partnership between AURORA of CNY, Inc. and Hear2 Learn Inc. that provides low-cost hearing aids and follow-up support for families who qualify financially.

 Michelle applied and her family qualified for the service. She describes her experience and the impact of the program on Abby: 

 “It’s been wonderful!  Abby never takes them out, she loves wearing them. We went to Disney and a Crunch game and she wore them the whole time.  She is proud of them and they are like a fashion statement.  She’s talking a lot more.”

Speaking about the support she has received   Michelle commended both the audiologist and AURORA’s Social Worker, Frieda Heckman saying:  “there has been good communication between the school and the audiologist, everything is compatible with the FM equipment at school and they are also thrilled.


 “It’s been a really smooth process, all around.” ~Michelle Anderson, Abby’s mom

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