Vision Rehabilitation

A diagnosis of legal blindness is not the “end of the road” but the beginning of a new way of seeing and doing things by learning the techniques and strategies needed to maximize functional vision through vision rehabilitation services. These services include the following.

Instructional Services

Instruction and guidance in the skills needed for independent living in areas of personal management, household management, communication, education, leisure activities, orientation and movement in the indoor environment, and use of low vision devices and training techniques; including the acquisition of adaptive equipment

Orientation and Mobility

Instruction that can help you develop or relearn the skills and concepts you need to travel safely and independently within your home and in the community; including instruction in the use of a long cane, electronic travel devices, public transportation, sighted guide and pre-cane skills.

Social Work

Supportive short-term counseling to assist with emotional adjustment and coping with vision loss for individuals families and significant others. Includes support groups, and 1:1 consultation as well as referral to community resources such as financial, housing, medical or various entitlement or benefit programs.

Adaptive Technology Training

This service addresses the evaluation and training needs of individuals who require the use of specially adapted computer technology to succeed at work, home or school.

Training is provided in the use of screen-enlarging software and speech output packages. Pre-college assessments and work-site assessments can be provided to determine the appropriateness and compatibility of computer technology to ensure success.

Low Vision Eye Care

An on-site licensed Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) who is specially credentialed with additional clinical training in functional aspects of low-vision provides a comprehensive functional visual evaluation and prescribes low vision optical devices to enhance the use of residual vision. Low vision eye care services are coordinated with all aspects of vision rehabilitation to ensure coordination of services.