Deaf Services

A full range of services are available for individuals who are Deaf, severely hard of hearing or deafblind so that they can enjoy free access and full participation in the community in every area of life.

Social Work Services

Short-term crisis management or long-term support offered with assistance with benefits and financial management, housing and life skills. Information and referral to community resources is on-going.

Systems and personal advocacy is provided to ensure accessibility to resources and services within the community, individual education and help with developing positive personal strategies.Culturally sensitive and proactive assistance for resettled individuals.


Employment Placement Services

Job seekers are assisted to find employment that matches their interests and abilities through career exploration, assessment and the development of an employment plan. When a job is found, on-site coaching support, work-site accommodations and co-worker/employer training and support are available to ensure long-term success

Services are delivered in partnership with the job seeker and employment specialists, who are trained professionals, fluent in American Sign Language or Deaf themselves with experience in the job market and Deaf culture.

Community Education

Formal and informal programs and instruction, in-service training or community presentations on issues related to Deafness, Deaf culture and other issues of interest that impact community members who are hearing or deaf/severely hard of hearing.

Children’s Hearing Aid Program