AURORA’s programs and services are designed to help improve the lives of people with vision or hearing loss. We provide resources and support directly to individuals and their families, as well as to businesses, employers, and the community at large.

 Aurora by the Numbers

10,648 hours of professional interpreting services were provided to 8 Central New York counties through the Marjorie Clere Interpreter Referral Service (MCIRS). 

113 youth and adults received vocational and employment placement services this year.

80 youth and adults received adaptive equipment, technology and/or hearing aids and instruction.

319 patients received comprehensive low vision examinations.

610 individuals learned new skills to manage in their homes, jobs and communities and completed orientation and mobility training to remain safe and independent.

887 people received social work support, information and advocacy to develop skills for coping and accessing community resources to deal with a loss in sight or hearing. 

99 community education presentations /sign language classes were delivered by staff and volunteers to educate about treatment, care and prevention of sensory loss promote AURORA of CNY and its services, and advance community knowledge of deaf culture and American Sign Language.


Hard of Hearing/Low Vision Services

Vision Rehabilitation (For Those Who Are Legally Blind)

Deaf Services

Interpreter Referral

Integrated Health Care

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Community Outreach And Education