General Resource Links

General Disability:

AbleData – provides objective information about assistive technology products and rehabilitation equipment

U.S. Access Board – sets accessibility standards for places and programs for individuals with disabilities

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund – Advocates for disability civil rights

Emerging Horizons – travel information for wheelchair users and slow walkers

REHABDATA– produced by the National Rehabilitation Information Center, is the leading literature and rehabilitation database

National Council on Disability – independent federal agency makes recommendations to the President and Congress about issues related to the 54 million Americans with Disabilities

Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights – for parents of children with disabilities

Society for Accessible Travel Hospitality – contains information on traveling if you have a visual or hearing impairment

TSA Cares for Travelers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions

We Connect Now – website was developed in an effort to connect and integrate college students with disabilities as a virtual community with a voice on important issues. The We Connect Now website has been up and serving college students with disabilities since April of 2008.

Fire Safety for Older Adults

Talking Prescription Bottles

Guide to Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery

Red Cross Emergency Managements for People with Disabilities

Listing of Audio Movies on Netflix

Links for Americans with Disabilities Act:

U.S. Department of Justice – information and technical assistance on the Americans with Disabilities Act

U.S. Department of Transportation – Americans with Disabilities Act

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – Americans with Disabilities Act regulations

Federal Transit Administration – Americans with Disabilities Act information

Northeast ADA and IT Center in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University – provides information, training, technical assistance and
materials on the Americans with Disabilities Act and Accessible Information