AURORA of Central New York, Inc.

The mission of Aurora of CNY is to promote independence, opportunity, and full-access for individuals of all ages who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, hard-of-hearing, late deafened, and deaf blind.

The agency is dedicated to being a leader in the field and is committed to:

  • Providing high quality services that empower individuals to achieve their highest potential and fullest level of participation in their homes, schools, on the job and in the community;
  • Advocating for the elimination of barriers and attitudes that hinder this participation;
  • Educating all citizens on the causes, treatment and management of these disabilities; and
  • Organizing resources necessary to support these efforts.

At AURORA of Central New York WE BELIEVE:

    • AURORA should foster quality of life and a sense of valued personal worth for people with vision or hearing loss, including independence and autonomy, personal esteem and dignity in all endeavors.
    • People with vision or hearing loss should have opportunities to participate fully in education, employment, and community life.
    • The opportunity to self- advocate is an essential ingredient to ensure full and equal access for people with sensory loss.
    • The people we serve should have optimum access to a comprehensive range of services provided or coordinated by AURORA.
    • Services should be provided in a professional, caring and empowering way.
    • Our services should be provided in the most cost effective way.
    • Our fundraising goals and objectives should preserve the integrity of our mission statement and the values upheld by AURORA.
    • AURORA has the responsibility to serve as a leader in the field.