Disability Mentoring Day with Nicholas

AURORA participated in Disability Mentoring Day on October 18th, and we were delighted to host Nicholas Courgi, who assisted with videotaping for a marketing project that we are working on.

Nicholas brought a wide breadth of experience and talent to our agency and was also very open to learning about our mission!

Here’s a little bit about Nicholas and his experience with us:Photo of Nicholas Courgi

My name is Nicholas Courgi. I graduated Fayetteville-Manlius High School in 2010 and Onondaga Community College in May 2014 with a Professional Communication Degree. At OCC, I was awarded the Curriculum Honor Award in my department. I worked as a Marketing Assistant for Syracuse Children’s Theatre for a year (December 2015-February 2017). I’ve been lecturing about my experiences with Autism at various colleges and non-profit organizations such as OCC, SU, SUNY Oswego, Advocates Incorporated, Family-Centered Therapies, WCNY and the Town of Manlius. In addition to Public Speaking, I’ve photographed many family events and performed in over 40 musicals in plays throughout the Central New York area with organizations such as the Town of Manlius, Syracuse Children’s Theatre, Redhouse Arts Center, Fayetteville-Manlius High School, and Baldwinsville Theatre Guild. I recently got my driver’s license and I hope to find the perfect job that fits my talents, skills and goals.

On Wednesday, October 18, I got the opportunity to visit Aurora as part of Disability Mentoring Day. I arrived with my job coach from the Learning Disability Association of CNY, Erin Wilsch. You think as an autistic person like myself, we have it hard but at Aurora they are 2 types of disabilities and are the toughest for some people to handle - blindness and deafness. Meeting Anne Costa, the Assistant Director of Aurora, was an absolute pleasure. She was passionate about her job as well as the rest of her colleagues. She gave Erin & I a tour of the facility which had every accommodation such as canes and glasses for the blind and hearing aids for the deaf. I also had the opportunity to videotape and interview Anne and two of her colleagues for media. She offered me a speaking opportunity at LeMoyne, which made me feel very excited as well as recommending her PR & Marketing person, who works at Liberty Resources to me to assist some of the duties. Overall, being at Aurora made me feel very excited to find a job and hopeful for the future.