Board of Directors

AURORA’s Board of Directors


Michael E. O'Connor, Chair
Scott Gucciardi, First Vice-Chair
Jeanne Mathews, Second Vice-Chair
Bradley J. O’Connor, Treasurer
Robert C. Haege, Assistant Treasurer
Ken Reger, Secretary
Jeffrey Eades, Assistant Secretary

Laila Kobrossy Audi
Marva Cook
Joan Dambroso
Earleen Foulk
Susan Gray
Lucy Marr
John McCormick
Jack Mott
John Neri
Ted Pasinski
Diane Pluff
Joy Sampsell
Jeff Sterly
Dr. Lawrence Stewart
Maryann Winters


Costello, Cooney & Fearon, PLLC

How long have you been affiliated with AURORA and in what capacities?

I was the last board president of Lighthouse and the first board president of Aurora at the time of the merger of the Lighthouse and the Central New York Association of the Hearing Impaired in 1991.   I estimate I went on the Lighthouse board about 5 to 10 years before that;  I would  guess it was about 1980 or so.

Why have you chosen to support AURORA?

I support Aurora’s work because it is so critical to those who need it.  Having presentations at board meetings where consumers describe what they get and what it means goes a long way to cement my relationship and, I think, the relationship of the board members in general.

What do you see as your greatest task as Board President?

My term as board chair (my fourth) is different than in the past.  We need to look at the issues surrounding our  strategic partnership with Liberty Resources and be sure the mission of Aurora continues, regardless of what corporate structure may be involved.  It is also to continue and strengthen fund development, in spite of an environment where our “partners” do not participate in that revenue source.  As in the past, it is also to pursue the best candidates for our board seats to keep Aurora strong going forward.

What is your vision for the future of AURORA’s services?

The future of Aurora should be the same as the past.  Try to meet the needs of our consumers and carefully pursue funding to provide what is needed.  It is to take advantage of what Liberty Resources can bring to our operations so that we can broaden our services, strengthen them and perhaps become a regional or even multistate player in the services we provide.