About Aurora


Debra Chaiken, President

This year marks an important milestone for our organization as AURORA of CNY celebrates 100 years of service to the community!! For a century we have evolved and grown to meet the needs of people with vision and hearing loss in the Central New York area.  In 1917 the Association of Workers for the Blind, also known as “The Lighthouse” was created by a small group of citizens who saw the need for blinded veterans of World War I to assimilate back into society.  In the 1970’s another grass roots movement spearheaded the creation of our sister agency  The Central New York Association for the Hearing Impaired which led to the establishment of the Majorie Clere Interpreter Referral Service and organized services for the Deaf and hard of hearing in our region.  In 1991, the two agencies merged to form AURORA of CNY and the rest is history!

Another important announcement is that as on January 1, 2017, Aurora of CNY affiliated operations with Liberty Resources, a dynamic and constantly evolving, multi-service, integrated health care and behavioral health provider.

The vital mission of Aurora of CNY will remain unchanged: to promote independence, opportunity and full-access for individuals of all ages with vision or hearing loss, while both organizations will realize expanded capacity.   However, this affiliation enables Aurora of CNY and Liberty Resources to enhance current services for individuals with vision and hearing loss and develop many new service lines.  Specifically, the partnership will allow consumers of Aurora’s trusted services to access Liberty Resources’ integrated primary care and behavioral health services.

This is a future-oriented opportunity to preserve and expand services to people with vision/hearing loss in our community--and beyond. In the constantly-changing health care and human service environment, the synergies between Aurora and Liberty Resources will bring a full-continuum of services to enhance the health and well-being of individuals with vision and hearing loss in our community.

We look forward to serving the community with greater capacity for our next 100 years!

Deb Chaiken